Martin Reynolds
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"Martin Reynolds" is a former United Kingdom/British athlete who competed mainly in the 200 metres. He had to switch to the 400 metres in the Olympic year which was also the year of his final exams at university. He found trying to combine training and studying for exams too much and lost a little of his speed in trying to compress his final training into the period after exams. He actually completed more 400 metres events at Munich than he had done in his entire career up to that point. There should be some stats available on the previous 2 years which will show he dominated the UK 200 metres rankings in several years prior to 1972.

He competed for Great Britain at the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany where he won the silver medal with his team mates Alan Pascoe, David Hemery and David Jenkins (runner)/David Jenkins in the men's 4x400 metres relay event.

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