You need to work through which of the qualified dividends you received from a mutual fund are actually qualified based on the holding period.

If you have a car you want to donate, do it this year.

The only exception is if your office is a detached structure.

[It's when you're due money that it makes the most sense to speed the process.] If you can do it, it probably makes sense to use e-filing, if you have a refund coming, ... If you have a balance, I really don't see the attractiveness of it.

The key advantages are the low chance of inaccuracy, and the fast refund.

If you're in a gain position at the end of the year, you have to recognize the gain.

But because traders tend to trade so frequently, those aren't major disadvantages, ... And the advantage of being able to deduct all of your losses is very attractive.

Be careful to make sure the condition and age of the car are clearly documented.

[Direct debits and credit-card charges are one-time only.] As a legal matter, they can only withdraw what's owed, ... But some people are still paranoid about this.