If people could enjoy staying together as much as they fantasize about having sex with someone outside of their relationship then couples would keep from falling apart.

The chemistry of couples is much like chemistry at the work bench. At the work bench, if the components are correctly chosen, the resulting compounds are likely to be more stable. Similarly with people, if a partner is carefully chosen, the resulting chemical bond between the two will more likely be more stable as opposed to selecting a partner at random. If sex is added to the chemistry and .

Death knocks once, dying, countless times.

It still amazes me how many millions goes to discovering another star in the galaxies when, for all we know, we are still sitting on top of another undiscovered world beneath out feet.

I'd like to write what life could be like, instead of what it is like. I guess I haven't figured out enough on how to live to the best of my abilities to be able to be metaphorical or use similes about this apparent reality called "life" around me.

Those who have passed away must be in a happier state than those living. How we have been so self-centered as to think primarily in terms of the contrary.

Life in the now, is gone tomorrow The only way to know is die Then to reveal its convenient lie.

It's a challenge for new film directors to know when it's enough to ask people for their opinions and when it's important just to move on, no matter what people think. Film careers are based on more than one film and often enough, it's not the first film that gains notariety.