"Marshall Brown" (1920–1983) was a jazz musician and educator. He played trombones and, less often, bass trumpet or euphonium, and even less often electric bass & banjo. He played the valve trombone.

Brown was little recorded, and devoted most of his career to education. He earned a music degree from New York University, as a member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity.

Marshall Brown was also a high school band director leading the Farmingdale New York 'Daler' Band from the early 1950s through 1957.

Brown was the first high school band director to initiate a jazz education program, which he did in his tenure at Farmingdale High.

By 1956 his stage band (jazz big band) the Daler Dance Band was so formidable and impressive (boasting future jazz stars Michael Abene on piano, Andrew Marsala,

saxophone, and whiz drummer Larry Ramsden) that one night at the '57 Newport Jazz Festival, Count Basie, late for his appearance, as he

entered the festival grounds heard the Daler Band performing their set and exclaimed, "Damn, they started already", mistaking the 'Dalers'

for his band! The average age of the band members was 14!

More Marshall Brown on Wikipedia.

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