But more than a lack of guidance is a lack of communication, really.

I would be very surprised, given the box office slate, if we won't see positive comps for them in the third quarter.

We're talking about a company that's in transition on all fronts.

I think they're looking to align themselves with a much bigger player and I think that means someone tucking in Imax within a bigger corporate structure that can then help them ... attain some of these goals.

They're up right now about 2 percent on top of the three percent on Friday. A lot of people anticipated the win.

When you're competing with such bigger companies and trying to fight so many battles, you're still a small fish in every large pond. You can be successful maybe in one pond or two but not on all fronts.

For a company like DreamWorks, one big disappointment can have a big negative impact on performance.

The big revenue drivers this year are the 'X-Men' movie and 'Curious George'. They're very optimistic.

Something has to happen soon.