[Fayetteville coach Jim Schmidt's theory of recognizing paid off with a win. After the game Schmidt said,] We needed to adjust to what they gave us and attack the goal strong. On the last goal, I told the girls don't give up until the zero. ... we are getting better as a team in getting over defense to give us more opportunities.

When we got the diagnosis, we were told there's no cure and there's not even any therapies that can be done other than trying to support him with the ventilator and for his breathing. So that's kind of difficult to hear.

If these cuts aren't restored, we'll be working with the Legislature to replace the lost federal funds.

A lot of people say they wish they could do something to help, and in some regards, there's not a lot an individual can do because of William's particular condition. But this is one thing they can actually do. They can show up and be a part of it and help contribute to the MDA.

This program is a broad examination of the natural history of the Maine Coast.

The first spring, William was with us at home. We were able to participate in the Great Walk and we initially just went as a small family.

It's not a gentleman's agreement; it's a valid, legal contract in every sense of the term.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association was one of the first Web sites. Basically, we did a lot of Internet searching and finding out all the good things they do.

The next few years participating in the Great Walk, we've had a few more family members come and slowly but surely William's team is growing.