It was just a great team effort, ... Every guy was fighting to the death.

We have a lot of young guys who are inconsistent with their performances -- you just never know sometimes what they're going to do. They need to build confidence and trust what they do in practice when they get out here.

Travis has had some tough, hard matches where he hasn't always come out on the better end of it, ... There, he did (win) against one of the top kids in his weight class.

He's been having some tough struggles, ... It's great to see a kid who's been persistent come through with a big win.

They recognized we should have had another penalty point, ... It needed to be corrected before the 197-pound match, so they upheld the score.

We were hoping we were going to get bonus points there, ... Jacob went out there and got the job done.

Chris is very athletic. When he moves and attacks, guys have trouble staying with him.

He's not a big 125-pounder, so why would he need to lose a bunch of weight like that? It doesn't make sense. It's a case of a freshman not being very disciplined.

When you can beat a good team like that on the road, it shows you have a good team.