"Mark Mann" is an American artist known for utilizing visual elements from 1960s and 1970s postcards to form the basis of his photographic art works. The resulting pictures create an uneasy tension between truth and fiction. They cite artifacts from the time, such as roadside motels and vacation destinations that refer to memories of family journeys. The journeys are mixed with dreamlike symbolism to create ironic images that go beyond memory. They are dramas staged to communicate the loneliness and alienation that accompanies the American dream.

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By definition, a strain is a tearing of tissue. There is tearing, to some degree. But it's not as if this thing [the tendon] is pulled off the bone in any way. That is not the case. But [the MRI exam] does show inflammation in that area. That's why the diagnosis of a strain was put on this.

He's doing better. He got here early today for treatment, he ran on the track, said he felt good. He just has a little bit of palpable soreness, really doesn't have any evident swelling. We're going to progress him over the course of the weekend in regards to his running and just take it day-by-day, see how he feels.

I don't know where this report came from, but he has a strained foot. We're going to progress him over the course of the next couple days and see how he feels this weekend.

The MRI showed nothing like what he had a couple of years ago with his ankle, ... It's not as if he pulled it off the bone. It does show inflammation in the area. A strain by definition does involve inflammation of the tissue, and it can be associated with a tear.

Obviously he would have to have a pinch-runner. I think [the pinch-hitting] would have to be in an emergency situation.

He felt good. He has palpable soreness, but he really doesn't have any evident swelling. We'll progress him over the course of the weekend, with regard to his running, and see how it goes.

He's progressing. Right now, we're primarily concerned about the quad strain that he had and his ability to work through that, but to this point he's tolerated everything pretty well.

He felt good. No problems at all.

We'll progress him over the weekend in regards to his running, ... and just take it day by day and see how he feels.