They're the seventh-ranked team but we heard they had some good results, so we feared them a little bit. They took it to us and as the game went on we controlled the ball better and didn't give them a chance.

We won't know whether it was the ground or not until we have had a good look at her. She travelled well for a long way and at least it was a better performance than last time. Provided she is okay, the Matron Stakes will be next for her.

The benchmark was two years ago when we made it 10 in a row, which beat Henry Cecil's record of nine consecutive tons, and I am pleased we have done it again.

Marias Magic seems to go particularly well for Kevin. Others have found it difficult to settle her, but she settles well for Kevin, who has now won three times on him this year.

Each year we say to ourselves that it's not the most important thing to do but, to be honest, we would be disappointed if we didn't get it.

On television, doubts were voiced about his attitude after his defeat last time, but I've never subscribed to that and I think that proved it.

That action was a DOT (Department of Transportation) aeronautics board action, and I really can't speak to that.

After all the stress and everything, it's nice to get away for a while.

It would be relatively easy for any terrorist group or rogue state to misuse nuclear materials, not as a nuclear bomb but as what's called a dirty bomb, where you mix the materials with conventional explosives.