We have had a relationship with the New Brunswick public schools for 27 years. We have provided services for hundreds of their students over the years, and this is nothing more than an extension of that relationship.

We're very excited about this. This is a great thing for the children.

This is a steady drumbeat from Maurice Hinchey, who is less interested in fighting terrorism and more interested in fighting with the president.

It's exciting to have him here. He's an exciting person that I think will generate a lot of enthusiasm on the campaign trail.

A matter for the congregations to decide for themselves.

I'm actually more curious to hear what other people say to him.

We're trying to make this transition as seamless as possible. They know the students, and parents have confidence in them.

I think we'd be interested in looking at other opportunities. Preschool education is growing; if we could provide assistance to other districts, by all means we'd be interested in working with them.