If the Liberal Democrats lose seats, we are likely to see a yen sell-off.

We got a bit of an upward push because of the weakness in equities, a bit of reversal from what we saw yesterday.

The bank is reasonably comfortable with the notion that the consumer still has pretty good fundamentals.

If you look across all markets, there seems to be a common theme of reduction of risk.

They'll be looking at other stats going forward. On average, the fourth quarter was a good quarter for employment. I don't think they're viewing that as a serious concern here.

The statement may be changed to suggest, because of a high degree of uncertainty, that they'll just wait and see how the data unfolds.

It's becoming less certain, the third (rate hike). We're waiting to see how the remaining data comes through.

It's not in the best interest financially for our community. It's in the best interest of the developers who want to come in and do this.