He's a family man, he works, he goes home, and from what I know, he's not a social butterfly.

The fact that the prosecutor hasn't told me what they are and wants him in custody before he tells me leads me to believe it includes state racketeering charges.

He feels sorry for these people, that they're living this nightmare. But he also knows they were sterilized. If they weren't, then that was the fault of the distributors who were sterilizing the tissue and cleaning it.

His intention was to -- and still is to -- harvest tissue and provide it to tissue banks. What he has done is legal.

It's $500 to use the funeral home, $250 for a body delivery, and another $250 to dispose of the body, to get it ready after the tissue is recovered.

It's a tragedy. There were no winners here.

We absolutely, vehemently deny the charges. He was not doing anything illegal or wrong when he harvested.

Now he coaches his son's football team.

He said that it was a tragedy that he did not deserve receiving.