Maria Ressa
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"Maria A. Ressa" is a Filipino people/Filipino journalist, CEO of Rappler, and author of Seeds of Terror, a book published by Free Press (publisher)/Free Press that contains blow-by-blow account of the hideouts of Al-Qaeda in Asia.

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We will not be intimidated. The news is not propaganda. It is not something to be manipulated, distorted nor censored. Recent events have only strengthened our resolve to continue giving the public the truth in line with the strict guidelines of our Code of Ethics.

This announcement fell far short of what was expected, ... crimes against humanity.

We simply aired their statements.

Was pretty much gutted.

Seeds of Terror. It's also an attempt to try and look at what's going on globally through different lenses, to step out of our lenses we always impose on the world, and to try and see it from others' (lenses).

When I read this that was a question I raised. I do think that it goes against the Bill of Rights in the Constitution and rights of the public to be informed.

Every single military spokesman for the first day of the stand-off [went on air].

Given the fact that the Marriott hotel bombing happened two days ago, all of Indonesia is looking to see what type of signal is being sent from here.

Well, they will try.