Margaret Hodge
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"Margaret Eve, Lady Hodge", Member of the Order of the British Empire/MBE, Privy Council of the United Kingdom/PC is a British Labour Party (UK)/Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Barking (UK Parliament constituency)/Barking since 1994. She was the first Minister for Children in 2003 and was Minister of State for Culture and Tourism at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. On 9 June 2010 she was elected Public Accounts Committee (United Kingdom)/Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. She was born "Margaret Eve Oppenheimer", and was known as "Margaret Eve Watson" from 1968 to 1978.

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They can't get a home for their children, they see black and ethnic minority communities moving in and they are angry.

The fact that we got so close is something I am immensely proud of - it is pretty ruddy good from where we started from.

These figures reflect the rather mixed picture of recent months. Employment is up by nearly 200,000 on the year and I am pleased to see the claimant count falling for the first time in a year. However, the rise in ILO unemployment shows the need to continue to be vigilant.

What I would love to see is getting rid of silos and pooling budgets so we can do what the individual client needs.