You may be able to get enough calcium and Vitamin D through the foods you eat.

I think the WHI findings make it absolutely clear that nobody should be encouraging women to take hormones for the purpose of primary prevention of heart disease.

People shouldn't be disappointed by the studies. It's just a wake-up call that simply reducing your total dietary fat is not enough.

Because we don't have good evidence of how to prevent colorectal cancer, the importance of early detection through regular screenings should be emphasized for both women and men from age 50 onward.

The media like to boil down a complicated thing to a sound bite. It's been frustrating for us and confusing for women.

This shows that you can't rely on using low-fat substitutes to make a difference. You really need to think about what kinds of fats you're eating and the foods that should be part of your diet, such as vegetables, for instance.

That's really a deceptive message. It confuses the public, and at this point it is just not helpful to add confusion.

Just switching to low-fat foods is not likely to yield much health benefit in most women. Rather than trying to eat 'low-fat,' women should focus on reducing saturated fats and trans fats.