It's just magic. I told Sal he's going to get famous off it.

I think the players had more confidence than I did. We didn't change a thing.

That was a great goal. Joey has been doing that for us all year. He is probably one of the top three sophomores in Palm Beach County.

He got four assists in one game. I thought he could help us.

The momentum swung their way after they tied the score. I was worried for about five or 10 minutes, but we dug our heels in. In overtime, a lucky break came through for our side.

We were playing downhill. They were playing uphill. But in a game like that you have to take advantage of your opportunities. We have to put the ball away. The next game won't be like this. Hopefully we put a bad game behind us.

It's going to be a dogfight. They're playing well, and we're peaking at the right time.

We had to bunker in and execute on set plays. But we did, and I'm happy we were able to win in an overtime situation.

Anything from 40 yards out, it's like a corner kick for us. Sal is the best [at throw-ins] in the county.