If electricity breaks down, you have to repair a power station, you can't just send an e-mail.

If each time the Palestinians and the Israelis have a problem ... the Palestinians strike at European people and European interests, it will complicate matters greatly.

There is a report sent to delegations, ... There was no report on the table. There's nothing exceptional or extraordinary about it. It's not like ministers of foreign affairs lie awake at night thinking about a report on East Jerusalem. They get lots of reports.

What to do is not so simple, and we are not even close to having a solid response yet.

Israel has to take a stance about what it plans to do with this money. Israel has said it would continue to provide electricity and water to the PA; who is going to pay for them?

This is a great day. It is a day of happiness ... because it means an enormous step forward toward the freedom of the Palestinian people.

We are here as partners, as friends and we respect your sovereignty.

Is actively involved in helping disengagement with people on the ground and a lot of money.