Mack Brown
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"William Mack Brown" is a former American college football coach. He was most recently head football coach of the Texas Longhorns football team of the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to his head coach position at Texas, Brown was head coach at Appalachian State University/Appalachian State, Tulane University/Tulane, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/North Carolina. Brown is credited with revitalizing the Texas and North Carolina football programs. The Longhorns beat University of Southern California in the 2006 Rose Bowl Game/Rose Bowl, Ohio State Buckeyes football/Ohio State at Ohio Stadium/The Horseshoe in September 2005, and division rival Oklahoma Sooners football/Oklahoma in 1998, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2013. The 2005 season was capped off by victories over 2005 Colorado Buffaloes football team/Colorado and 2005 USC Trojans football team/USC to win the Big 12 Conference and College football national championships in NCAA Division I FBS/national championships, respectively. In 2006 he was awarded the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award for "Coach of the Year". On November 27, 2008 Brown achieved his 200th career win, making him the first Texas coach to reach that mark.

On December 14, 2013, Brown informed the team that he would resign after the Alamo Bowl.

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He makes it look so easy, like everything is in slow motion. It just seemed like another workman day for him.

At times we didn't even play that good. But we played hard, and we played with confidence.

Everybody's got scholarships and everybody's got good players. If it's a night where it's not working well, you better hang on and you better make some plays.

His comment was, 'If there's going to be a poll, you'd like to be as high in it as possible because if there's going to be a beauty contest, you'd like to win,' ... One of the goals we had eight years ago was to make sure Texas is placed back in the elite of college football, and obviously this season we will be.

Last year's team had some of this. This year's team hasn't had this yet. They anticipated it at Ohio State, but this was a great learning experience for us and one that will help us the rest of the way.

When you become No. 1 and everybody talks about how much you're going to kill the other team and they've done nothing but lose and you're on the road, it's at night and it's cold, it's a trap game.

It will come down to who will be the toughest the longest.

They had nothing to lose.

If you cannot have your best game out there and still score 52 points, that just shows you this team has a chance to be really special.