I don't like starting the season off on the road, but I don't have much choice. Getting opponents to come here (during the winter) is very difficult.

This is a team that's going to have to used to getting on the road, because we're committed to doing bigger and better things. I look at it as a challenge that we have to be on the road and go out there and succeed.

I'm trying to get them to play the way that they can so that when we get into the Big East they'll be playing good tennis.

They are ranked in the top ten in the East Regional, and they are looking for a top national ranking.

We're playing for the team, playing for the school. The nerves are flaring right now, I want everyone to get in there, go in and play for the team. Understand that everyone has a part to play, it's getting us ready for where we were last season.

I'm trying to convince them to change their game in certain situations. When the occasion arises and the score is tied, I'm trying to get them to stay focused and positive and hang in there with a lot of fight.

I don't want to schedule cupcakes. We can't do that. We can't afford to do that with our schedule. You don't get better by playing weaker teams. You get good by playing tough opponents.

We want to show that we can play with anyone in the east and in the country. We're taking it one step at a time so that we can build the program.

It's more than hitting hard; you have to find what the opponent can and cannot do and exploit that. I see them in the last three or four months as more accepting of my coaching.