We have concerns about the way our members would be treated and whether contracts would be honored. I think there is a strong correlation between a good union contract and excellent journalism and community service.

That's what we've been working on since Dec. 22, and clearly we're very much in the game at this point. Once Knight Ridder said they weren't going to sell the newspapers piecemeal, we were in a holding pattern waiting until someone bought the whole thing.

He doesn't have to come to IHOP. He can go to any restaurant he wants, so that's a good advertisement for us.

Whenever you have one entity that is controlling news over that big of an area it poses concerns. I don't see where, in the long run, delivering less news is going to be good for readers, the community, or the industry.

We haven't given up yet. All the people we talk to in these communities want more news, not less.

It's not a final decision. Those hurdles are pretty high. And the antitrust hurdle would be a major one.

I think it's created quite a bit of anxiety.

Today's announcement... is bad news for newspaper workers, readers, advertisers and for our communities.