I would rather not go to court to fight about something. We're talking about individual's free speech rights. The council should seek to balance those free speech rights against the need for public safety to the extent it exists in Waikiki.

The Constitution does not allow for that kind of discrimination -- citizens choose their state; states do not choose their citizens -- and that's what this case all about.

We are hopeful that the judge's preliminary injunction will bring needed change at HYCF to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender wards from harm in the future. All in all, the ruling is a huge victory.

It's a law that's infringing on constitutional rights of nonresidents.

We're asking that they are not allowed to discriminate, harass, or abuse wards, based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex.

It was enacted in the 1970s with the express purpose to ask people not to move to Hawaii to make this state their home. The Constitution does not allow for that type of discrimination.

From the outside, it looks fine. It's strikingly gorgeous. But that's what is deceiving about it.

We are being harmed because our government is not functioning at 100 percent.

This law sends a message contrary to the aloha spirit.