We are open to whatever the options are, one of which is to host the game.

We want to make sure that our young people get immediate help and guidance to prevent anything to this degree, ... Coaches now know who to call, what actions to take, and overall, everybody's better educated.

We'll be there, ... The biggest thing we need to is to play in front of 73,000 people. The product is good. The winning is there. We need Sun Devil Stadium to rock.

We're going day to day to day to day.

I'll be the first to tell you, I'm a great fan, but I've got opinions. I'm not going to second guess a coach's decision, but I will say where to attack and from what angle, ... (Coaching) is still in my blood. I retired when I still loved it.

Is the Coliseum positioned between two beautiful buttes like Sun Devil Stadium? ... If you can't be intellectually stimulated by (ASU's beauty), you don't have a pulse.

Live and learn, ... We did it in four days. It is what it is. I still love the atmosphere.

It's difficult to fathom not having that stadium sold out, ... I think our dilemma is what to do with overflow. One million dollars (to hurricane relief) is very achievable. We can do that.

I won't miss a game. I'll be at every single one.