Well, the PTA and the football don't count ---- they're charity.

One product can get you on the map but it doesn't necessarily keep you on the map.

These strangers stand on the side and cheer you.

People with adjustable rates are getting a little nervous.

Seventy-five dollars for the yearbook, $5 for the planner, $35 for the PTA, a $100 donation to football, $28 for P.E. clothes, $30 for pictures, $55 for an ASB sticker ---- what's that come to?

They've got a highly rated sales force and they needed to get them more [drugs] to sell.

Companies are willing to pay a lot for novel products that have the potential for a strong franchise.

How much? Well, let me just tell you.

Pfizer is not the sort of company to roll up their tent and go away. They're trying to break up this deal.