I knew I had to throw the ball better,'' Manning said of his poor start.

I'm not happy, that's all I can say about it,'' he said.

I was so concerned with getting the ball out of my hands and not taking the sack, that sometimes I threw the ball too quickly, even before the receiver turned,'' Manning said.

I can field my position. If I start worrying about being ready for a line drive too soon that means I'm not finishing my pitches and I've got to be able to do that first.

I didn't see it, not at all,'' said Lewis, speaking through a mouthful of sour grapes.

Aye, well, I've got my garden.

I told him that he played a great game,'' said Falcons quarterback Michael Vick , who like Manning was the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, a mere three years ago.

You're either ready and prepared to take on the task, or you're not,'' he said.

I think the reason that I have that title or that moniker is because people don't know what to expect.