This is one of those dates that will be put up on the wall, which is nice. The credit goes to the hard work of the kids, especially in the off-season.

We had a big win against Millbrook, which brought us confidence. That was huge for us. Our defense held us tonight, which is our strong point. We'll finish with a 5-1 standing for the end of the year.

Marco hurt his foot and didn't play much so he could rest up. Danny stepped in and had his best game inside.

This year we moved him to the inside. His scoring went way down, but his rebounds have hit double figures every game. It's a new role for him. He works hard and will do anything.

This amount of effort is very rare. They're not getting overconfident.

I'm proud of my guys, their defense kept Rhinebeck only to 50 points. The closest it came was a 10-point game.

We have a huge rivalry with Highland, so the game was real intense with the fans. It was one of the most intense games of the season so far. It was a division game and a physical battle.

He's been a starter for us for the last two years. He's been a high scorer on the outside and is good at hitting three-pointers.

This was our second championship in a row. Last year was our first in 13 years and came down to our last game against Highland.