Leonard Maltin
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"Leonard Michael Maltin" is an American Film criticism/film critic and historian, author of several mainstream books on cinema, focusing on nostalgic, celebratory narratives. He is known as a "go-to" critic for the major studios, for writing Isn't It Romantic? (film)#Reception/the shortest review in the U.S. and creating the Walt Disney Treasures series.

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She does the same reliable job you'd expect her to do. ... She has a track record that is long and solid enough that it can withstand the usual ups and downs of a starring career.

Tim pays homage to Ray Harryhausen and George Pal and people whose films he saw growing up and who also used this technique.

It is as old as the movies themselves.

No one ever dreamt Mia Farrow had comedic abilities until she appeared in his films.

I'd find it hard to argue against anyone who's on the list. But lists are fundamentally silly. It's never going to be to everybody's satisfaction.

[Successes like the recent film,] March of the Penguins, ... the field is still wide open and anything can happen.

He apparently had a Svengali-like approach or control over her and set out to mold and shape her every performance and appearance on screen, ... Those instances are rare, I think.

What she said seemed to matter. She provoked response, discussion, arguments. She was so passionate.

We know Jodie Foster is a smart woman. But it's always tough for women to find leading roles in commercial Hollywood movies. She looks for the best material she can find, and if it happens that it's thrillers, then it's thrillers. What ultimately matters is that she's always good. Movie audiences not only like her, but respect her.