Delta will continue to work with United to formulate additional joint marketing programs to the benefit of both companies.

It has great expansion capabilities over time, as the other competitive airports have physical constraints that don't allow them.

At least three of our major members are on the brink in respect to their financial situations.

We also have an issue in that Delta itself wants to fly to China and really bring direct service, particularly to New York City directly to Beijing and Shanghai.

We're into uncharted waters here. I don't think any of us can really predict exactly when we'll come back. We are expected a lengthy amount of time before we get back to levels that would have prevailed otherwise.

When you look at the economic parameters associated with those locales, I think we draw very heavily from the strongest parts of the economy.

Airlines are not asking Congress to assist with economic or competitive challenges, but we do request that the government relieve the industry of government-imposed security costs stemming from the nation's war on terrorism.