As much as these are interesting games and fun for the fans, they are hard to coach.

You watch these guys in practice every day, and they both want to be out there, both want to play every game. It's like a professional rivalry. They're both great goaltenders.

The next six games will dictate whether we go to the nationals this year.

I would call the officiating, ah, interesting. We got a penalty 58 seconds into the game. When we played five-on-five, we were controlling things.

We had a great season. I am really proud of them.

We've had a good season. We've got a lot of young guys coming back next season, so I think we've got good things ahead of us.

It was an ugly win, but it was a win. They played admirable, but we know how to win.

We were able to play all four lines tonight, and Mike Pelletier was on fire.

We were short on defense tonight. It would have definitely helped us if (Pelletier) was in the game.