It?s a dream come true. Now I?m a happy man. I can die happy.

This has been my dream. This is it for me right here. I can die happy.

That's why they're the Saints. That isn't true. If anyone in that organization has any questions about whether I gave everything I had while I was there, then they can go to hell.

We play Carolina, we always know it's going to be a close game. Come in and step it up.

I'm getting better. As an offensive lineman you can play almost forever. I don't believe that I've even begun to peak as a player.

I would rather sit out a season than play for the Saints again.

I can die happy now. This has been my dream.

I'm here to help the team win. They can put me at punter.

Obviously, if you prorate it over a shorter time, the signing bonus won't be as high. But teams, players, owners and agents can all get creative.