Lawton Chiles
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"Lawton Mainor Chiles, Jr." was an Politics of the United States/American politician from the U.S. state of Florida. A Korean War veteran, Chiles later returned to Florida for law school and eventually opened his own private practice in 1955. Three years later, Chiles entered politics with a successful bid for the Florida House of Representatives in 1958, as a member of Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party. By 1966, Chiles left the Florida House to run for the Florida Senate. Despite 12 years in the Florida Legislature, Chiles was relatively unknown when he initially decided to bid for United States Senate election in Florida, 1970/United States Senate in 1970. Thus, he embarked on a 1,003 mile walk from Key West, Florida/Key West to Pensacola, Florida/Pensacola, earning him the nickname "Walkin' Lawton". It was successful and Chiles defeated his opponent William C. Cramer by a 53.9%-46.1% margin. Chiles retired from the United States Senate and from politics entirely in 1989.

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What we are really concerned about is the storm surge and tremendous rains.

But more than the money, and the reason we really decided to settle, ... was they agreed to take down the billboards and ... quit targeting kids.

I hope that you will join me in praying for rain, ... I think that we have to have your prayers.

The more lead time we give people, the more it helps.

Obviously, this is not something we want to do. This is a little like taking away Christmas, ... It's so dangerous.

Three major fires were growing and threatening about 30,000 residents, ... Thus far, they have not come together. Right now, there is not an immediate threat of them coming together.

That's a lot of years and a lot of experience, but I don't get too philosophical about it, ... Life will go on, even for Democrats.

We have the power to make the other branches of government really angry.