I'm assuming that everyone is a beginner especially in resistance training.

The bottom line on results was that the earnings report was of a high quality across the franchise.

Clearly the perception, in my view, is that the company is the next acquisition target.

I'm going through what exercises there are, monitoring exercise and what intensity to work at. I will also talk about getting different results for different people.

I would agree that Saddam Hussein was bad, but I don't know that invading or sending troops over there, and the amount of troops that we have, is completely necessary.

I am very excited and very pleased, I knew it would be close. I am ready to start another week of hard campaigning.

This was a big day for our girls, and it was the largest competitive squad that we've had ever.

I was surprised by the announcement that they (Merrill) were going to be that weak. Clearly, June is extremely weak.

We've worked well together on the fire department and I think just him and I going down will be a good experience for both of us and draw us closer together.