He has decided to be taken off their rolls, believing it is a mistake to continue to be affiliated.

He has discontinued his affiliation with it (the Owl Club). He believes it is a mistake to be affiliated with it.

To say we have to deal with enforcement first, we've tried that, we've done that for the last … 10 years. … We don't believe that's a viable way to approach this challenge.

Senators Kennedy and McCain have said they're open to their fellow senators on comprehensive reform. … I think we're just interested in moving forward. The president campaigned on this in 2000 and nothing has happened.

Senator Kennedy joined Harvard's Owl club in 1954 before women were admitted to the campus and long before they were integrated into campus life. No one can question Senator Kennedy's lifelong commitment to fighting for civil rights, equality and justice.

You do not need to go to Iraq to know that we don't have a policy worthy of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

We are glad that Senator Specter is moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform, ... It is long overdue.