It really hadn't effected the workshops as a whole as drastically as we had first anticipated.

I disagree with Mike on that. I know it was a call that was unpopular with their team, but I feel I made the right call.

If you sold the market anytime in the last three weeks, you've made a lot of money. You definitely want to book some profits if you haven't already.

There are no drainage problems I have heard about or know about that have been caused by the high school.

Today's really the first big day to confirm we may be turning the corner.

Last year seven of our eight losses were by one goal. With experience they're the ones we expect to win this year.

Volume has been really good. We are seeing a pick-up as people are returning from vacation.

When the market is moving, it's like a magnet that draws money and traders to it.

I know that is unpopular with them as far as a team, but I made the right call.