Our teams over there interviewed North Vietnamese or communist soldiers that actually participated in the attack and they were helpful in pointing out what they knew about the battle site.

We're trying to handle the case load the best we can.

It's unclear on which ship (Hickok) died. There were seamen who were killed on shore, in attacks, or he could have been between ships.

There's a lot of technology on the battlefield to better track the position of our troops.

Clearly died at the site.

Everything was visible, and that's not usually the way they occur.

Looking at the amount of work accomplished during the first weeks of October, there was a substantial workload increase.

That word 'identified' is my word, ... because it's the only word I know of that will convey the fact that the government and the scientists have done everything they can to finalize the case, to account for the individual. I could say, sure, 'These five were identified and these seven were accounted for,' but going into an explanation of that would be really, really cumbersome.