They say if I was to go out and play through it, it's just a matter of time before it's a complete fracture. I guess if there is one positive about it, they caught it kind of early.

They found a (stress) fracture on the heel. I can't really do anything on it because it'll just get bigger and could cause me more time off the field.

It's frustrating, but at the same time I'm not going to miss that much of the season. There's still time, it's not like it's going to end my career or anything. I just look at it as a little bump in the road and you have to deal with those things.

I remember with Baltimore, you hoped you either don't get the trip to Jupiter or it's cloudy. I couldn't see a thing out there.

I had my bags packed, but it's one of those things where they are allowing me a day to see how it is. That's the luxury of spring training; you can do that as opposed to during the season. I just want to go out and push it today and see how it responds tomorrow.

I don't think a couple games are going to be too much. I will get out today, get a hard workout and see how it responds tomorrow.

I just can't do any running, I can't do any banging around. I think it'll be an easy transition when it is time to play.

Ultimately, everybody wants to win a starting job. But when you're on a team that's trying to do what we're trying to do here, it's just about what you can do to help the team win.