A male was observed by his fellow passengers as having a journal and hand written on the journal were the words 'suicide bomber.

Leung did talk to the FBI as a complainant. The FBI found no evidence to corroborate the allegations made by Leung.

We approached the residence and announced ourselves. The female occupant refused to open the door. After a brief verbal standoff we gained entry and Dow was arrested without incident.

It certainly could have been.

It was taken very seriously. There was no way of knowing it was a hoax. It had to be treated as if it were anthrax or some other poison.

It's very hard to hack into a Web site without leaving a footprint behind. Computers provide us with a lot of identification information. They just capture a lot. Whenever you do anything, there is a trail.

It was a journal, and somebody had handwritten in this journal 'suicide bomber. The other thing he was doing was clutching a backpack.

It was a combination of technical and human intelligence that led us to him.

We took this threat seriously. We tried a number of avenues and we asked for his assistance in trying to corroborate the threats. But we were unable to produce enough information.