We came out this week and were determined to stick to it and make it work.

Within the 20, there's only 30 yards to work with, which is an advantage for the defense. As the season goes on and we get better with it, I don't see us having a real big problem. It's tough right now, but it's something we're going to work through and solve.

We want these kids' first experience with organized football to be positive.

I thought it was a clean block. How many people does this stadium hold, 53,000? I thought 53,000 people thought it was a clean block. And another million watching on TV thought it was a clean block. But one guy with all the power thought it was a (crappy) block.

Even though he was uncovered, they were preventing him from getting out and blocking anybody else. It was a good plan, but we also have certain things we need to work on ourselves. That's going to be our focus this week.

It's going OK. It's a nice, slow learning curve. It's like with anything, you're going to make mistakes here and there. I expect that but I'm not accepting it.