"Kyle Smith" is an American critic, novelist and essayist. He is a staff film critic for the New York Post. A writer in Entertainment Weekly described Smith's film-reviewing style "an exercise in hilarious hostility". He has been dubbed "America's most cantankerous film critic" by The Atlantic magazine. Smith has also contributed to The Wall Street Journal, People magazine, New York magazine, The New York Times, Commentary (magazine) and The Weekly Standard.

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Our kids, our families are no different than anybody else's. They have the same hopes and dreams. They have people who love them.

It's a balancing act. We don't want to treat them like criminals after they have been traumatized, but we want to make sure they are in no danger nor the families they are housed with.

We usually just have two forwards up top. But later in the second half I moved up a third one, and with about 1:45 left I moved in a fourth one.

It's tough starting the year with two straight on the road. Our defense played strong and our offense put it in the end zone.

Anytime there is someone playing hard every day it makes you push yourself even harder.

They're just a good team. Luckily, Coach (Dale) Watts played a lot of his players tonight.

Adam said he (Russell) wanted us to come back.

The biggest thing I learned from this is to choose your teammates wisely, because you have to work with them for six months, and to set progress goals and stick to them in order to complete the task at hand in time to review your work and make necessary changes.

It was pretty big to tie those guys to get some (tournament) points. We picked it up and played pretty well.