She made it to states last year and she can definitely get back.

Josh Fulmer had a bogey on the third playoff hole and Rich made a great par.

Ashley was six shots down after nine holes.

The Quebec program heavily subsidizes the cost of child-care for middle and high-income families. Most [provincial] governments in Canada already subsidize child-care for poorer women but they lose the subsidy once their income rises above the poverty level.

[The season:] Five of our top six return, so they know we have a chance to win the league, ... Boyertown is the team to beat - they're loaded. We want to be in the playoffs at the end.

I've noticed that when top boys lose to her, they take some ribbing from their teammates.

She's so much better, so much more seasoned this summer in major events, and seems pumped to be the best player in the PAC-10. I really think she can win the state this year, based on what I saw there last year (when she finished 16th).