(Metra) would prefer to let the victim be blamed.

I didn't realize that was some security concern. I suppose, being a career lawman myself, I'm not accustomed to having other lawmen tell me to get off the property.

There has been a steady and significant change in the interaction between us. I think he accepts the union and its role.

His contribution to the world is quite profound.

Every time this has happened, in my view, Metra has blamed the victim.

The pedestrian gate on the southwest corner of the intersection had been manipulated, so that it was in the up position.

We've heard from a large number of Pasco deputies. The typical concerns that most law enforcement officers share is working conditions, discipline, promotions and salaries.

Our position is pretty singular. We think ... that the law enforcement aspect of city government should be first and foremost. We can craft contract language that's constructive to meet the goals of the city, the citizens and the police officers themselves.