We're not worried about prison. That's the least of our worries.

The parts of the metropolitan area are so interdependent, in so many ways, that nobody is being helped by keeping those divisions going.

I thought we had too much size for them. I think our defense has been overlooked. Our guys were in there changing shots.

Brian is a fabulous player, a tough kid and a very good passer. I've seen him grow stronger and tougher to play.

It looks amazing. I'm dying to get in there, trust me.

Using dataConductorEP, we have seen a tremendous difference in the ease and speed with which we can access data, drill down for answers to our questions and analyze the data. This gives us the ability to implement a company-wide response in dealing with product yield issues. Yield information is more accurate, immediately available and visible throughout our organization.

Those irresponsible owners are not going to be the ones to take out the additional insurance, that are going to put up a vicious dog sign that can be read from 100 feet away. They're not going to buy a muzzle to be put on the dog.

Racial divisions between city and suburb have always been enormous, and they play themselves out in all sorts of ways. Fear on both sides, and the hostility on both sides of that color line, is just deeply ingrained.

He's so big that everything has come very easily to him. He's just now learning to really push himself.