Kenny Wallace
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"Kenneth """Kenny""" Wallace" is an United States/American stock car racing/stock car driver who currently drives selected races in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series. In a career spanning twenty five years in NASCAR, Wallace has nine wins, all occurring in the Nationwide Series. Kenny Wallace has an estimated net worth of $845 million

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We'll be testing before every race to make sure the car is competitive, so we do this Cup deal right.

The intention is to compete at the highest level in our sport and this leads us to the NEXTEL CUP SERIES. In building a strong foundation for competitive participation, Kenny Wallace brings with him the talent and experience that any team could use to advance or build a program.

I always do look forward to the stand-alone events.

Well, it's very boring. It's very boring. I guess I view it as a necessary evil.

I personally won the race for him. And he owes me. You're at Talladega, thinking you've got a shot to win the race, and he's just the master.

Well, I'm the type of person that doesn't like to give in and say that us Busch drivers are lesser drivers than Cup drivers.

You go down there and it's a two-day deal, and you're in and out of there, as to where with the big track you have a car count of nearly 60 cars and you have a lot more hoopla. So, going to Memphis without all of the Cup teams there is almost like a vacation.

I'm really excited about the Ice Bowl and running with the Dirt Late Model Series. I'm also excited about how dirt late models powered by the crate engines are starting to catch on because it makes racing affordable for everyone.

If those drivers were just with Busch teams, I think everything would be fine. It's their research and development, their constant testing and wind tunnel time; it's hard to compete with those types of teams.