We knew coming in that it would be a very tough match. The fact that Rogers has won the state championship two years in a row will tell you that.

Dr. Hark was harsh, but she was good. The worst meal, tofu stir-fry, was the first day ... but I think that was done to get the reaction of the kids throwing up at the table.

It started to worry me after the second goal. The first goal, I was still alright, but after the second one I got a little nervous.

I saw a lot of great combinations. I told our kids at halftime that I didn't think we were playing terribly. Rogers is just a very tough team to play against.

We played much better in the second half. We started doing the things we've been working on in practice and were more relaxed.

We're going to focus on our weaknesses this week in practice. When you play a team like Rogers, they kind of show you what your weaknesses are. So, it's good to see what we need to incorporate to our practices before the tournament.

They don't look very healthy.