Keith Mills
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"Sir Keith Edward Mills", is an English entrepreneur and deputy chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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There is an active and thriving black market in every city in the world for sporting tickets and we have to stop the abuse.

All our calculations were based on the theory that, if Madrid made it through to the final round, then we might have a tough time winning but that, if it was Paris v London, then we had a really excellent chance.

We intend to run the Olympics the way we did the bid -- on time and within budget.

We have established a good working relationship with Seb and Keith and we can build on this strong relationship.

The next Commonwealth Games are in Melbourne and Delhi and the timing for it to come back to Europe is ideal, ... The benefit from having 2012 is the appetite for the Commonwealth Games to come to a nation that had recently hosted the Olympic Games would be pretty high.

We do have the best bid on offer. It's how we get that information out between now and Singapore that's most important -- momentum is built on that.

We take absolutely nothing for granted. Strange things happen in Olympic elections and anything could happen this time too.

I still think we have got opportunities to improve that, but some of our other sports have got a lot of work to do. The reason why sailing does so well is because it has really got its act together and some others could learn from them.