"Kathleen "Kay" Daly" (born 1919) was an Irish-born American advertising executive and one of the four "celebrated Daly sisters". At Norman, Craig & K├╝mmel she was the creative force behind the famous Maidenform "I Dreamed ..." campaign and Revlon's legendary 1952 Fire And Ice campaign, working with photographer Richard Avedon. She also was responsible for the line Every woman alive loves Chanel Number Five". She went on to join Revlon in 1961 as vice president and creative director.

Kathleen Daly was born in Castlecaufield, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland, in 1919. Northern Ireland was created two years later with Tyrone one of its six counties. The family emigrated early in the 1920s. She grew up as one of four sisters, Maggie, Kay, Maureen Daly/Maureen, and American-born Sheila. They became known for their writing and work in journalism, fashion, and advertising, and were called "the celebrated Daly sisters" by TIME magazine in 1966. LIFE magazine ran a feature story on them in 1949 and a follow-up in 1959. All four were at least once employed by the Chicago Tribune.

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This is an extraordinary and blatant display of judicial activism.

Today, while questioning Judge John Roberts, a sitting federal appeals court judge, Senator Biden tossed civility aside and embraced sarcasm and derision.

He claims it was precedent, but as an experienced judge, he knows better. Clearly, this is a ruling by a judge who is obviously an activist who legislates from the bench to enact his own agenda.

The president has made an excellent choice today which reflects his commitment to appoint judges in the mold of Scalia and Thomas.

This is precisely the reason we need Judge Roberts to be confirmed as Chief Justice. He's made it clear that he puts the law and the Constitution first. And he's made it clear that he won't substitute his own values for the clear commands of the law.