"Kate Michelman" is an United States/American political activist. She is best known for her support for the pro-choice movement in the United States of America and her role as co-chair for activist campaign WomenVotePA.

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His public record makes him the wrong choice to be attorney general of the United States.

Bush uses often the slogan of compassionate conservative to describe himself. But it hardly describes the record he has compiled as governor when it comes to ensuring women's reproductive health and rights. Last year alone, Governor Bush signed seven measures restricting rights, adding to the 11 provisions enacted in previous years.

It is a pure sham. It is sponsored and promoted by those who want to take away a woman's right to choose.

Now, the gauntlet has been, I think, thrown down.

We're not losing the war, but the other side's gaining ground.

They threaten women's rights to reproductive freedom and choice. And they threaten the practice of medicine because they criminalize the doctor's work.

This is an important window into his views of women's rights to equality and self-determination, their rights to determine the course of their lives.

We all would have liked to have a little rest after the election, but rest is not in the picture.