I really liked the campus and I got along real well with the coach. The coach liked me a lot. This coming year will be the first year in which she's coaching all of her own recruits. It's kind of like our program was; it'll be building.

The purchase of Consolidated provides the bank with less expensive cost of funds and an inexpensive entry into the Richmond market, ... If you look at the demographics of Richmond, we think it's an opportunity to spur investment. Only time will tell if we overpaid.

We didn't want it to look like an airplane hangar.

I thought no matter who I ran against in that anchor that I couldn't be blown away. I felt I could run with all of them. But every single leg of this relay was awesome. We all depended on each other. It takes four to run a relay.

The skylights are arranged in a way that won't make it difficult for swimmers to see.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do.

They help you capture the attention of the press and the public, ... and so in capturing that attention perhaps it's the first threshold that you cross.

I think I can play a lot there, but I know it won't be handed to me. It'll be worth it. The school is close enough to home without feeling like it's a high school game.

We had done a good job scouting them. Our focus all week was on Keokuk, but this was a fun game. It was almost bigger to the community than it was to us. Things are just going our way right now.