The people who have the weakest credit histories are in great danger of falling into a predatory environment.

We've had five calls this week about our program. Most of them who call or come to us haven't seen it in the newspaper because they can't read, but they hear about us from family and friends.

Our goal was to do better than last year, and we raised $12,000 last year, so we're thrilled with the results. We're so small that the money will go toward keeping us in business.

I've also found the clients of Marshall-Starke to be dependable. They show up, they're eager to work, they have a smile on their face, and we appreciate that.

I wanted Andre to grow up and be the man God wanted him to be.

I had to be here. I was there for the send off, and I had to see 'em back home.

Our goal is to help them, and the only way to reach that goal is with your help.

They give out loads and loads of information, and give you an opportunity to hear many experts who teach these seminars, and many provide worksheets to put your ideas down on paper.