Karen Carpenter
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"Karen Anne Carpenter" was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard Carpenter (musician)/Richard, formed the 1970s duo the Carpenters. Although her skills as a drummer earned admiration from drumming luminaries and peers, she is best known to the layman for her vocal performances. She had a contralto vocal range.

Carpenter suffered from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder which was little known at the time. She died at age 32 from heart failure caused by complications related to her illness. Carpenter's death led to increased visibility and awareness of eating disorders.

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The image we have would be impossible for Mickey Mouse to maintain. We're just... normal people.

You can stop the risk of heart attacks, diabetes. All the chronic diseases have a risk and a problem associated with smoking.

There are many approaches, thousands of approaches out there can help you stop smoking. There's the gum, there's the patch. But what's important is what's going to work for you. And I think you and your physician, having a conversation about that, can provide the best results.

We came out right in the middle of the hard-rock period... it was hard-rock everywhere! But we were ready to make our music, you know? And it was such a turnaround, I guess it caught people by surprise.

I'm just afraid I'm gonna miss it all... being married... being a mother.

I remember thinking back then, 'Oh God, if we don't get a hit by the time I'm 20 I have to kill myself!' Well, we JUST made it, because it came out in late May, right after I turned 20, and within 6 weeks it was number one.

The biggest issue with lung cancer, as we know, is that smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Without a doubt, 85 percent of all lung cancer deaths are caused from smoking.

While Richard was listening to music in the basement, I was out playing baseball and football, and playing with my machine gun! I was very tomboyish, quite a character, I hear!

That is why, all the girls in town / Follow you / All around / Just like me / They long to be / Close to you / On the day that you were born the angels got together / And decided to create a dream come true / So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair and golden starlight in your eyes of blue...