It's just a fun event because us starving artists just really enjoy appreciation.

I don't do sculpture in the traditional sense.

You can't get around what he did to her, the fact that he plunged this six-inch knife into her chest.

It really pleases me that 'Maat' did so well, ... You don't see a lot of mixed media art like mine in galleries and it felt good to know that people enjoyed her.

I don't believe you should just be able to shoot; I think there would be too many accidents that should never have happened.

We had Cathy over from Oahu to read in 2004, and not only was the event well attended but her reading was riveting. After sharing her excellent poetry, she engaged in a very interesting talk-story session with the audience, and then signed books and met audience members one-on-one. It was such a successful event that we knew we wanted to have her back again.

I've been doing art since I was a young girl, ... But putting it out into the world, I've been doing it for about three years now.

If the community and board are comfortable with the perception that everything looks disrupted, being able to continue in the space we have at the middle school is of better educational value than trying to move 100 kids to one location and 80 kids to another location.

He stabs her to death in the immediate vicinity of two toddlers, ... I ask you to hold him fully accountable.